Are you Getting Enough Water?

Of course, you know that you need to drink enough water to stay healthy. But how much water should you drink every day? Medical research proves that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day but sometimes this might not be enough for your body. Here are some tips that might help you know if you need to drink a little bit more.

  • Pay attention to your lips. If your lips are usually dry and cracked then you probably need to drink more water.
  • Are your eyes itching? The reason might be that your eyes are too dry. Drinking more water will keep your eyes hydrated.
  • The color of your urine shows how hydrated you are. If your urine is dark, then you have to drink more.
  • Muscle cramps could be caused by too much dehydration. Drink more water to avoid muscle spasms.
  • If you are suffering from regular headaches, you might be a little dehydrated. Stay hydrated to enjoy more focus and avoid disorientation and painful headaches.

Remember that by the time you are feeling thirsty, you are probably already too dehydrated. Make sure that you drink water every hour to keep your body hydrated and healthy.