The Distinction between Guest Posts and Niche Edits

Guest posts are articles on a niche subject published on a website or blog that has articles on the subject. Niche edits are link insertions into already existing articles or posts on a niche subject that have already been indexed on Google search result pages.

The main benefits of writing guest posts and posting them on blogs and websites are, that the writer gets internet exposure, the credibility of the writer as an authority on the subject improves, increases the number of social media followers for the writer, increases the number of links and increases the ranking of the website or blog on Google search result pages and, increases the writer’s network on the social media. Guest posts also help a writer become an expert in a niche subject. Once the writer is seen online as an expert in a subject, online business opportunities will also increase.

The benefits of niche edits are that the webpage or blog gets quick or even instant traffic to a website. The link is inserted in a google ranked article or blog that is continuously receiving visitors. The article is on the niche subject of the link’s website or blog and one can get relevant leads once the link is inserted. Other benefits are that the rank on search engines for the blog or website improves, all backlinks will be genuine and white hat, and the links are placed on articles with high domain authority.

Guest posts and niche edits have their unique advantages. Guest posts take a longer time to get online visitor traffic because google has not indexed the article or blog. Niche edits get instant traffic because a link to the website or blog is inserted on an existing and indexed article or blog post.