The Distinction between Guest Posts and Niche Edits

Guest posts are articles on a niche subject published on a website or blog that has articles on the subject. Niche edits are link insertions into already existing articles or posts on a niche subject that have already been indexed on Google search result pages.

The main benefits of writing guest posts and posting them on blogs and websites are, that the writer gets internet exposure, the credibility of the writer as an authority on the subject improves, increases the number of social media followers for the writer, increases the number of links and increases the ranking of the website or blog on Google search result pages and, increases the writer’s network on the social media. Guest posts also help a writer become an expert in a niche subject. Once the writer is seen online as an expert in a subject, online business opportunities will also increase.

The benefits of niche edits are that the webpage or blog gets quick or even instant traffic to a website. The link is inserted in a google ranked article or blog that is continuously receiving visitors. The article is on the niche subject of the link’s website or blog and one can get relevant leads once the link is inserted. Other benefits are that the rank on search engines for the blog or website improves, all backlinks will be genuine and white hat, and the links are placed on articles with high domain authority.

Guest posts and niche edits have their unique advantages. Guest posts take a longer time to get online visitor traffic because google has not indexed the article or blog. Niche edits get instant traffic because a link to the website or blog is inserted on an existing and indexed article or blog post.

The Top Link Building Outreach Software Compared: NinjaOutreach vs Pitchbox vs BuzzStream

There are many parts of digital marketing that are tedious and skipped by those unwilling to dig deep and take the extra steps necessary for big results. Fortunately, there are also excellent tools out there for smart marketers to make these tasks more bearable and to gain more value from the time you invest in them.

Manual outreach is an effective way to network with the top voices in your industry while gaining links to your best content that will expose your brand to their audience and have a powerful effect on your search engine optimization (SEO). Despite these huge advantages, this is an area many marketers avoid diving into. The biggest obstacles are understanding how beneficial this can be for an online business, not understanding how to go about doing it effectively, being overly discouraged by the amount of rejection involved, or not understanding how to evaluate the results to see if the campaign was effective or not.

Not all of us want to hire a SEO company to find prospects in their niche. Many of us love the grind and want to do everything in house. For outreach, there are three big contenders in software you can use for your manual outreach campaign, and all of them work to help you overcome these obstacles and run an effective and productive campaign.

The big three are Pitchbox, BuzzStream, and NinjaOutreach.


The Key Features of NinjaOutreach vs Pitchbox vs BuzzStream




  • Find new prospects through their search feature. They have data on bloggers and Instagram and Twitter influencers. You can filter your results based on metrics for their social media profiles or SEO metrics.
  • They have a Google Chrome extension that makes it faster to find leads.
  • You can create your own email templates.
  • They have pre-made email templates.
  • Schedules your email campaigns.
  • Analytics for tracking the results of your campaigns.




  • You can find new prospects using their data. You can find influencers using keywords for your niche to find relevant profiles in your industry.
  • .When you start a new campaign, you can put in what your goal for the campaign is to better track your results and remember your intentions later.
  • Integrates with multiple email clients.
  • Email templates to speed up writing your messages.
  • Automate your follow-up emails to your prospects.
  • They will monitor the link you build with this campaign.
  • The analytics compiled on your campaigns offer information on each step of the campaign for tracking your results.
  • Works with a team.




  • Find new prospects for your guest posts. You can research social profiles, contact information, and site metrics on prospective influencers to contact.
  • Offers a Chrome extension for their services.
  • There is a Link Monitoring Tab for tracking who links to you and with what anchor text.
  • Track your relationship history with your contacts for better relationship building. BuzzStream will organize your emails and tweets so you can make sure you’re up to date on your past exchanges.
  • This software can be used with a team.
  • Analyze your results with tracked performance.



Comparing The Features of NinjaOutreach vs Pitchbox vs BuzzStream

NinjaOutreach has a very popular Google Chrome extension. While others have this feature, it’s most notable on NinjaOutreach. Their analytics are solid and so are their personalized templates. They have a strong database of prospects. The more you learn how to use this software, the more useful it becomes. The biggest complaint people have had with NinjaOutreach is that many have reported bad experiences with their customer support.

Buzzstream is a strong SEO link building tool. It has been updated over time to continue adding more features to make it more useful. Its biggest downfall is that while it’s easy to use, it may take more time to organize your workflow on here. If you’re willing to take the time to structure your account and get used to using it, this can be a powerful tool.

If you aren’t able to spend time structuring how you will use BuzzStream, you may end up not using it or taking advantage of the number of features it has. It’s easy to miss all it can do.

Pitchbox is a good balance of features while also being intuitive and easy to use. It has a well-structured workflow that means you can hop on this program and get started building campaigns with little worry about organizing things for yourself. While you can get started right away, it will still take some time to become a master at this program.

All three of these services update their pricing frequently, so always double check what they have on offer.

NinjaOutreach Pricing

In the past, NinjaOutreach has offered four different pricing plans. Right now, they offer three. They are called Flex, Pro, and Enterprise. Their Flex plan is $49 a month, billed yearly, and offers 50,000 emails a month. Their Pro plan is $149 a month, billed yearly, and offers 100,000 emails a month. To get information on Enterprise pricing, you will need to contact them.

NinjaOutreach offers a 7 day risk-free trial period. This is a great way to test this software out. However, please note that many users have previously said it was difficult to cancel their subscription or delete their credit card information on NinjaOutreach. Their website says it is risk free and they have a 100% guarantee. If you sign up for the trial and wish to cancel the service before payment, cancel a few days before the 7 day cutoff to ensure they cancel your payment in time.

BuzzStream Pricing

Buzzstream has four pricing options. They are called Starter, Group, Professional, and Customer. The Starter plan gives you 1,000 contacts and 30 prospecting searches for $24 a month. The Group plans give you 25,000 contacts and 250 prospecting searches for $99 a month. The Professional plan gives you 100,000 contacts and 1,000 prospecting searches for $299 a month. The custom plan gives you over 300,000 contacts and over 4,000 prospecting searches, and starts at $999 a month. The custom plan goes up the more features you need for your custom plan.

On the first three plans, they offer a 14 day free trial period.

Pitchbox Pricing

Pitchbox does not advertise their pricing. Third-party websites have made claims about what the s<oftware costs, but the prices are wildly different. They ask that you contact their company for a demo on how to use the software before they offer you pricing on their services. You can book a demo using a scheduler on their website.

Which to Choose?

All three of these SEO tools are meant to help you reach the same overall goal: accomplishing a strong linkFbuilding campaign that will give you trackable results. They have all three approached this goal with varying tactics. Each service has a database to help you find new prospects and analytics for tracking your results. Their messaging services and workflows are very different.

Every business will not only work differently, but will approach manual outreach differently. The software you use will affect how your business moves forward approaching these things, so while any of these softwares can help you accomplish your goals, they will each change how you work and ultimately affect your success so the choice is fairly important. To make a more personalized choice, testing them out for an hour or two can make a big difference. On NinjaOutreach and BuzzStream, you can take advantage of their free trial period, and with Pitchbox you can schedule a free demonstration. These offers will give you a lot more information on the usefulness of these softwares for your company’s specific needs.

5 Benefits of Yoga that You Probably Didn’t Know

Yoga is a great practice that can help you enjoy life like never before. It is easy and fun, but can it really improve the quality of your life? This approach has tremendous benefits that will have a great impact on your life by healing your body and soul. Here are the top 5 benefits of yoga that should encourage you to start practicing it today:

Tones the Muscles:

Yoga stretches your muscles and increases your stamina. This means that your muscles will become stronger and you are going to experience fewer cramps and spasms.

Yoga will make your body change even if your weight doesn’t. This healthy practice will strengthen your muscles and tone them so your body will look slimmer and healthier. You are going to feel stronger, more energized and will definitely look younger. Yoga improves your posture giving the illusion that you look taller.

Improves Your Cardiovascular Health:

Yoga improves your overall health by improving your breathing, reducing bad cholesterol levels and reducing stress. All these factors are directly related to heart diseases. Practicing yoga is going to increase your stamina and tolerance so your body is going to experience less fatigue as you engage in your daily activities. Practicing yoga is going to protect your heart and keep it in great condition.

Makes Sex More Enjoyable:

Yoga increases your core stability, tones your muscles and increases your flexibility. You and your partner are going to enjoy more time in bed because you will also have more energy and stamina. At the same time, yoga promotes self-love and confidence. This means that you are going to love your body more which is directly related to how much you enjoy sex.

As you become more fit, happier and more stable, you are going to start embracing life to the fullest. Feelings of shyness and resentment will decrease and this will definitely reflect on your sexual encounters.

Improves your Immune System:

Yoga can instantly give your immune system a boost. You are going to feel stronger and healthier which will help your body fight off various infections. Yoga works at the cellular level, improving the health of every cell in your body. As your tissues and organs become stronger and healthier, you will be less prone to common cold, flu, and other health problems.

Makes you A Happier Person:

Yoga is going to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve the way your body functions. It can promote healthy sleep as it releases the negative energy that sometimes deprives of sleep. Yoga is a great practice if you want to disconnect from your daily problems as it gives you a chance to unwind. Practicing yoga is going to make you happier, healthier and more confident.

The best thing about yoga is that it is very easy to practice. It doesn’t take much preparation and you can start doing it almost anywhere. All you need is some suitable clothing and a comfortable mat. You can start enjoying some yoga time at home or in the outdoors. Your body will thank you later.

Are you Getting Enough Water?

Of course, you know that you need to drink enough water to stay healthy. But how much water should you drink every day? Medical research proves that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day but sometimes this might not be enough for your body. Here are some tips that might help you know if you need to drink a little bit more.

  • Pay attention to your lips. If your lips are usually dry and cracked then you probably need to drink more water.
  • Are your eyes itching? The reason might be that your eyes are too dry. Drinking more water will keep your eyes hydrated.
  • The color of your urine shows how hydrated you are. If your urine is dark, then you have to drink more.
  • Muscle cramps could be caused by too much dehydration. Drink more water to avoid muscle spasms.
  • If you are suffering from regular headaches, you might be a little dehydrated. Stay hydrated to enjoy more focus and avoid disorientation and painful headaches.

Remember that by the time you are feeling thirsty, you are probably already too dehydrated. Make sure that you drink water every hour to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

You’ve probably heard about this a million times before. The law of attraction and the power of thinking, but does it really work?

First, you need to understand what is meant by the Law of Attraction. This simply means that whatever you think about is going to come your way. Sounds too good, or maybe too bad, to be true. So does this mean that if I crave a piece of chocolate late at night, it will magically appear on the table right in front of me?

Unfortunately, the law of attraction is a little bit more complicated than this. This bar of chocolate will not magically appear right in front of you. But the next day, you might, unintentionally, find yourself heading to the store directly towards the chocolate aisle. By the same token, when you are so worried about failing an exam or not doing well in an interview, you are most likely going to perform as bad as you thought you would.

Try to stick to positive thoughts. You will find that the universe is going to help make your dreams come true.